The term ”ENSEA Alumni” refers to all the graduates of the school since its creation in 1961. To date, it has more than 4000 graduates from all over the world. It is a strong network thanks to the variety of its members and their expertise.


The mission of the ENSEA Alumni Network is to establish friendly relations between all members, to connect new classes to previous ones and to use those rapports thus created both for the benefit of African development and for the benefit of the members themselves. ENSEA Alumnis are motivated and independent in their involvement in the life of the school.

At ENSEA, they train their cadets. Their actions are multiple. These include, among others:

Present their careers to current students and testify at Career Days

Sponsor students during their end-of-cycle internship as Senior Statisticians and Senior Statistician-Economists

Coaching new graduates in their professional development or recruitment

Participate in competition juries and conduct motivational interviews with candidates

Facilitate meetings and networking

Guide and follow-up student projects from the Statistical Officer training programme to the Senior Statistician-Economist one

Participate in pedagogy, teach and give lectures