Elvira Fockam
Diplômée ISE 2018

It is an advantage for me to have been trained at ENSEA. The deep desire that attracted me to statistics is to work actively for the economic and social progress of my country. I have received a solid and irreproachable quality of training here. I therefore urge my sisters still in general education in scientific programme to take the entrance exam to ENSEA.

Abdul Diouf
Diplômée ISE, Actuel Directeur de l'ENSAE de Dakar

Despite all these years after my training in this excellent temple of knowledge in statistics and economics, it is still a feeling of pride and gratitude towards the Ivorian people, but especially towards those brave teachers of ENSEA who for more than 3 decades have taken over and are still holding their ground with CSD and ENSAI of Paris.

Abigaël Jala
Diplômée AD, 2018

I am a student at ENSEA and of Liberian origin. If you are an English-speaking or Portuguese-speaking person, if you want to meet people from different cultures, and are looking for an institution to learn French and/or pursue training in statistics or economics, ENSEA is the ideal place for you.