• Full Name : SORO Nahoua Marie – Judith
  • Qualifications: Doctor of Economics
  • Nationalité : Ivoiran
  • Email : nahoua.soro@ancien.ensea.ed.ci 
  • Tel : +225
  • Current position : permanent Lecturer-Researcher at ENSEA in Abidjan

Dr. Nahoua SORO is a Doctor of Economics and a permanent Lecturer-researcher at ENSEA in Abidjan.

  • History of economic thought
  • Economic and contemporary issue
  • Peer-reviewed journal
  • Working paper :
  • 2014 – Nonlinear effects of FDI on growth: Case of UEMOA: This study shows that FDI contributes positively to growth in the WAEMU. However, estimates with threshold effect reveals that human capital, infrastructure, domestic investment and inflation influence the impact of FDI.
  • 2007 – Tax contribution of the timber industry: Although the activity logging slowed due to the high deforestation activities relating to wood continue to be purveyors of tax revenue. It is clear from this work that the wood industry is the activity of wood that contributes most to the revenue derived from the wood industry.
  • 2007 – Linking FDI, ODA and growth in the WAEMU countries: This research reveals that official development assistance in all its forms (bilateral or multilateral) has a positive and significant impact on growth in the WAEMU zone while that of FDI is not statistically significant.
  • 2003 – Optimal contract of garbage collection in the city of Abidjan: Written in master, the study showed that for good participation of operators in the collection of household waste and to encourage them to provide the necessary effort to achieve an optimal level of collection, payment must increase with the level of production and decrease with the tolerance.