Presentation of the Statistics Analysts (AS) course

Statistics Analysts are application middle managers whose role is the design, collection, analysis and dissemination of statistical production. Opened in 2020 following the results of the pedagogical renovation of RESA (African Statistical Schools Network) training courses , the training covers three school years and includes both theoretical courses, tutorials and three to four months of practical work experience in the field.


Inquiries on the Opening of the Statistics Analysts (AS) course

The environment of RESA’s schools is strongly marked by academic and technological transformations (Licence, Master and Doctorate reform, IT revolution) and by the evolution of the profession of statistician and data analysis specialist (Big Data, Machine, Artificial Intelligence, etc.) which require immediate adaptation, at the risk of a drop in the quality of teaching and isolation, which are detrimental on the international university scene. The creation of a new course for middle management in statistics with a three-years university degree level called Statistics Analysts (AS) responds to the need to provide new trained students with statistical skills.

Admission Requirements for Direct Entry Examinations

  • Students registered in a high school final year (A-level/12th Grade) science class in general or technique education

    (*Final admission subject to obtaining the high school final year (A-level/12th Grade) science class degree.)

  • Candidates holding the high school final year (A-level/12th Grade) science class degree.

  • Candidates must have been born after 31 December 1998.

Admission Requirements for Professional Entry Examinations

  • Professional candidates holding the degree of Statistics Officer (AT) or Assistant Statistics Officer (AD).

    (*Final admission subject to obtaining the high school final year (A-level/12th Grade) science class degree.)

  • They must prove the seniority required by the civil service statutes of their country.

Statistics Analysts Skills

  • Mastery of monitoring-evaluation tools;
  • Design and implementation of an information system;
  • Statistical analysis;
  • Data science ;
  • Survey ;
  • Management of organisations and operations;
  • Statistical communication ;
  • Database management.

Job Opportunities

Statistics Analysts are called upon to serve in national statistical or planning services, in para-public or private organisations (enterprises, state-owned companies). At the end of their training, they may serve as :

  • Statistics Analysts
  • Monitoring & Evalutaion Officers
  • Data Scientists
  • Database Managers